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Where can I find the Transaction/Reference ID?

You will see the Transaction/Reference ID on the confirmation screen of your bank account/payment app or on your bank statement after you have completed the IMPS/NEFT/RTGS Transaction. Sometimes you may only see it in the bank statement.

How can I Identify the correct Transaction/Reference Number?


It is always a 12-digit numeric ID. For eg – 106700001340.

Visible in Banking apps and bank statements


It is an alphanumeric ID usually termed as UTR. For eg – AXMB180232301234

NEFT Payment transferred from SBI, what is my transaction ID?

Your SBI transaction ID can be found in your SBI bank statement in the first column on the left side. The correct transaction ID will start with “SBIN”. For example SBIN180232301234

Please do not enter any ID that starts with “IRL” as that is the incorrect transaction ID.

You can also find the transaction ID in the email or SMS notification you receive for the debit from your bank.

What should I do after finding my Transaction/Reference ID?

Once you have your Transaction/Reference ID from your bank go back to your Order Page on AceXchanger.com and enter the Reference ID and click on paid.