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Affiliate program is a type of earnings for registered users in the form of affiliate deductions from the exchanges of clients who came to us from you through a referral link.


How the Affiliate Program works

Invite new clients using your referral link (which is located in the Affiliate Cabinet of your account). Our Service will gladly share the profit from each exchange order by the level as follows:

Level Total amount of referral exchanges Your profit
1 $ 0 – $ 99 999 5%
2 $ 100 000 – $ 249 999 10%
3 $ 250 000 – $ 449 999 15%
4 $ 500 000 – $ 999 999 20%
5 $ 1 000 000 – $ ∞ 25%

To increase the affiliate percentage, you can also leave a review on the BestChange . Then contact our technical support chat.

For monitoring exchange offices, individual conditions of the Affiliate Program apply – we immediately set the affiliate percentage in the amount of 20% to 30%. To do this, contact our technical support chat.

The number of referrals is not limited, you can have dozens of referrals in your structure, who will regularly carry out exchange operations, bringing you passive income, available for withdrawal on any day.

Example: Let your affiliate percentage be 20%, and your referral exchanged 1000 Advanced Cash USD for USDT with us. The profit of the exchange office was 0.5% of the exchange amount – $5. You will receive $1 (20% of the profit of the exchanger).