Rate Fixing

Rate fixing rules for cryptocurrencies and fiat.

1. Cryptocurrency comes to us on the account of the WhiteBit & Binance exchange.

2. Cost of services and course

2.1. The cost of the Service is determined by Ace Xchanger management and is displayed on the Ace Xchanger website.

2.2. Ace Xchanger reserves the right to unilaterally adjust the exchange rates and fees at any time.

2.3. When user create an order on the Ace Xchanger website, it will tell user the exchange rate, any fees from the payment systеm, the fee from Ace Xchanger, how the exchange is done, and the total amount of money or digital currency you’re sending.

2.4. Ace Xchanger deducts its fee at the time of the corresponding Operation .

2.5. If the order rate is different from the market rate shown by Binance, and if you’ve chosen the Cryptocurrency exchange Direction . Ace Xchanger can adjust the order to the current rate of Cryptocurrency or give you a refund. This adjustment is automatic if the Binance rate changes by more than 0.3-2%. Once payment is received, the rate is fixed, and any changes are shown on the order page.

2.5.1. The rate won’t change if you choose the “Fiat to fiat or Cash ” direction of exchange when making the order. The only exception is if you pay after the given time, as mentioned in section 2.5.3.

2.5.2. Once payment is confirmed, the rate cannot be changed, as long as the necessary confirmations have been received within the given time, as per section 2.5.3.

2.5.3. The payment and rate times are shown when you place an order and on the payment page. Usually, you have 60 minutes to pay. The maximum payment time is up to 3 working days, which is typical for bank transfers, Cash or when a bank’s security team needs to check a payment.

2.6. If you pay for your order after the given time, or if your payment arrives late, Ace Xchanger can either refund you (minus the fee) or complete the order at the current rate (if you agree to it) if the market rate has changed by more than 2%.

2.7 For transactions involving cash in person, cash in the office, or cash via delivery, the rate for stable electronic currencies and stable coins like Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and DAI is fixed for 3 hours. However, for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the rate is fixed for 20 minutes.

3. Automatic sсript exchanges your coins for Tether stablecoin.

4. Tether is multiplied by the exchange rate*

* if this is an exchange (for example) BTC – for Perfect money, then your BTC change at the rate at the moment 2nd confirmation, 0.1 BTC were exchanged at the rate of $30000 =3000 Tether multiplied by the Tether – PM USD rate.

5. The rate is fixed according to the rules for fixing the rate when creating an order and remains unchanged if the price of the cryptocurrency has not decreased and the client has paid for it within 20 minutes after the creation. If payment is not received* within 20 minutes, then the application is deleted automatically and the client must contact the technical support of the site to restore the application. In this case, the amount of payment under the application can be recalculated. Also, the recalculation of the application can be in case of strong fluctuations in the rate and if the application hangs in the status “waiting for confirmation from the merchant” and has not received the required number of confirmations in order to be credited to our wallet (exchange).